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China Bee Association and Japan Royal Jelly Co., Ltd.
Release time:2019-01-30


Editor's Note: Mr. Yamaguchi is a veteran of Japanese royal jelly research, an advisor to the China Bee Products Association and an old friend of the Chinese apiculture industry. The Japanese royal jelly company (JRJ), which he led, has been quietly supporting the development of the king's pulp industry. Every year, Chinese New Year, he will lead the team to visit China, which also highlights the 76-year-old man's deep feelings for the Chinese bee industry.

On January 21st, Mr. Yamaguchi Hijiji, a consultant of the China Bee Products Association and the founder of the Japanese Royal Jelly Club, visited the association and met with the association's president Yang Rong and executive vice president Zhao Xiaochuan. China also attended the meeting. Luo Mengchuan, former president of Bee Products Association, He Shaoyu, professor of Yunnan Agricultural University, Sun Guofeng, deputy secretary general of China Bee Products Association, and Zhang Nayu, deputy general manager of China and Japan Chengdu Century Bee Company.

At the meeting, Mr. Yamaguchi, Mr. Yamaguchi first expressed his wishes to the participants, and introduced the development of the Japanese bee industry in recent years. President Yang Rong expressed his sincere gratitude to the long-standing support of the Japanese Royal Beetle Association and the Chinese Bee Industry, and introduced some new changes and future work priorities of the Chinese bee industry in these years. Subsequently, the personnel of both sides raised the quality of the products and promoted the development and cooperation of the bee industry in the two countries.

It is reported that more than 40 years ago, Yamaguchi's father used royal jelly to treat liver cancer, and the effect was very remarkable. Since then, Yamaguchi has been fascinated by royal jelly, and he has been a doctor of agronomy in his research on royal jelly. In 1969 he founded the Japanese royal jelly strain. In 1993, the company established a high-quality royal jelly raw material base in Qinghai, China. Since then, Mr. Yamaguchi has given deep feelings to the Chinese apiculture industry. He has repeatedly visited China to guide the production of royal jelly, and has published many scientific research articles in the world to praise the quality of the king's pulp. From 2001, the Japanese Royal Jelly Club began to provide scholarships for the beekeeping majors of some universities in China, and invited Chinese beekeepers to study and exchange in Japan. The People’s Daily Overseas Edition published a special edition on the story of Yamaguchi Hijiji.