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Brand assistantRelease time:2022-03-12Number of recruits:1Location:Changge City, Henan Province
  • Salary:6-8k, social security accumulation fund and holiday benefits
  • Working hours:Changge City, Henan Province
  • Tel:0086-374-6646666
  • E-mail:info@changxingfengye.com
Job description
    • Decompose and formulate the annual and monthly rolling planning volume of each product item according to the sales target of each brand / product and market demand, combined with the brand / product business development plan

    • Regularly participate in the implementation of product evaluation, follow-up product adjustment, evaluation and other related work to ensure that all brands maintain stable product strength

    • Regularly complete the data collection, sorting and report writing of product analysis, and put forward suggestions on new product development and product improvement of various brands

    • Combined with the needs of market and brand development, make irregular on-site market visits, collect first-hand market information of this and competitive products, and put forward suggestions on new product development and product improvement through product and market analysis

    • According to the new product demand (concept) management process and product change process, assist the brand manager to complete the new product development and product improvement market and production feasibility assessment

    • Participate in and follow up the specific work according to the new product development and product improvement projects and the company's series product management process

    • Develop and optimize promotional gifts, publicity products, display tools and other sales aids to provide sales support for the sales department

    • Put forward the brand's media delivery demand, various advertising creativity evaluation and various new media marketing evaluation, so as to provide support for brand development

Job requirements
    • Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or related is preferred

    • At least 1 year working experience in market management, project management or sales

    • Have a good understanding of marketing

    • Good professional knowledge in brand and product management

    • Familiar with new product development and management process, good observation and adaptability

    • Have experience in planning brand promotion or product promotion activities, or follow up and manage projects independently

    • Be able to guide and evaluate the design of packaging and publicity products

    • Good copywriting skills and data analysis ability, strong logic

    • Strong communication skills, organization and coordination skills

    • Be able to accept travel arrangements