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The hometown of Chinese citrus honey--the development of Meishan Dongpo
Release time:2019-01-30

 On December 8, the 2018 National Bee Industry Conference and China (Meishan) Bee Products Expo opened in Meishanpu District. At the opening ceremony, Dongpo District of Meishan City was officially awarded the title of “Hometown of Honey in China” by China Bee Products Association.



Dongpo District of Meishan City was awarded the “Hometown of Chinese Citrus Honey”

It is reported that at the China Honey Township Review Meeting on December 7, Dongpo District was awarded the title of “Hometown of Chinese Citrus Honey” by the China Bee Products Association after four stages of declaration, preliminary examination, field assessment and meeting review. .

Dongpo District has a long history of beekeeping. In the 1970s, Dongpo District introduced the western bee breeding and formally formed an industrial development. The Dongpo beekeepers began a journey of chasing flowers and migrating hard and sweet honey. The number of bee products increased greatly, from the ordinary people’s home. market. In 2018, the output value of the bee industry in the whole district was 850 million yuan, and the total number of bee colonies was 326,000 (by statistics of townships and towns in December 2018). More than 90% of them were farmed on a large scale, with more than 1,300 beekeepers and an annual output of 12,000 tons of honey. , 413 tons of royal jelly, 1215 tons of pollen. The number of bee colonies and honey production in Dongpo ranks first in the province and is the highest in the country.

In the past 40 years, the Dongpo beekeepers have been inherited for generations, and the blood has been passed down. The bee generation, the bee second generation, and the bee three generations have always adhered to a "first heart" and have been ethical. A tent, a couple or a father and son, dozens or hundreds of beehives, walk through the Bashan River in the southwest, through the loess high slopes in northern Shaanxi, the 800-year-old Qinchuan, the Guanzhong Plain... Nowadays, the Dongpo Beekeepers per capita Beekeeping increased income by 60,000 yuan, far higher than the level of 17,000 yuan for farmers in the region. Bee breeding has become an important part of the rural economy in Dongpo District and a new bright spot for farmers to increase their income. It is known as the "wing of modern agricultural development". .

The title of “Hometown of Chinese Citrus Honey” is a “milestone” in the history of Dongpo Bee Industry Development. The honey industry will become an important engine for Dongpo District to create a “Tangpo Taste” 100 billion industry and promote farmers' income and promote rural revitalization.

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