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State Council: Accelerate the construction of agricultural product standardization system
Release time:2019-01-30




Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Development of Poverty Alleviation and Helping Winning Poverty Alleviation" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). The "Opinions" emphasize that China will speed up the construction of agricultural product standardization systems, encourage local governments to establish local standards for characteristic agricultural products, carry out standardized production, and comprehensively improve the supply level and quality of agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas.

The "Opinions" pointed out that consumption poverty alleviation is a poverty alleviation method for all sectors of society to consume poverty-stricken areas and poor people through consumption of products and services from poverty-stricken areas and poverty-stricken people. It is an important way for social forces to participate in poverty alleviation. In order to comprehensively improve the level and quality of agricultural products supply in poverty-stricken areas and promote the integration of products from poverty-stricken areas into the national market, China will accelerate the construction of agricultural product standardization systems. Guided by quality, safety and green, we will strengthen the protection of the origin of agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas and support the implementation of standardized production demonstrations. Encourage and guide agricultural institutions, research institutes and leading enterprises to rely on resource endowments in poverty-stricken areas, cultivate and develop varieties of agricultural products suitable for different poverty-stricken areas, and promote advanced and applicable breeding techniques according to local conditions. Open up a green channel for certification or registration of green food, organic food, and geographical indication agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas, encourage poverty-stricken areas to establish local standards for special agricultural products, and carry out standardized production. Promote safety control norms and technical regulations for edible agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas, promote the application of national agricultural product quality and safety traceability platforms, and expand the quality and safety traceability coverage of featured agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas. Strengthen the supervision and control of agricultural product quality and safety in poverty-stricken areas, and strengthen the supervision and coordination of the distribution and coordination of production and consumption.

In addition, in order to improve the ability of leisure agriculture and rural tourism services in poor areas, to meet the tourism consumption needs of people from all walks of life. The "Opinions" proposes to rely on the mechanisms of poverty alleviation and cooperation between the east and the west, counterpart support, and central government to set aside poverty alleviation mechanisms, mobilize relevant scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning to help poor areas to train leisure agriculture through "please come in" and "go out". Rural tourism talents, providing marketing, service, and management guidance. Support the poor to participate in relevant professional skills and business training, and improve the standardization and standardization of services. Encourage poverty-stricken areas to form organizations such as leisure agriculture and rural tourism associations, industry and regional brand alliances, and form a management service system for self-management, self-monitoring and self-service of business entities.

The "Opinions" particularly emphasizes that it is necessary to actively promote the participation of organs at all levels and state-owned enterprises and institutions in taking part in consumer poverty alleviation. Incorporate consumer poverty alleviation into the central unit's targeted poverty alleviation and local level assistance work. Encourage all levels of organs, state-owned enterprises and institutions, financial institutions, colleges and universities, urban medical and old-age service institutions to prioritize the procurement of products in poverty-stricken areas under the same conditions, prioritize the employment of workers from poor areas, and guide cadres and workers to purchase poverty-stricken areas spontaneously. Products and travel to poor areas. Trade unions at all levels are encouraged to organize workers to carry out trade union activities in poverty-stricken areas in accordance with relevant regulations, and to preferentially purchase products from poor areas under the same conditions.

(Source: China Standardization)