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What is the difference between royal jelly and honey?
Release time:2018-02-18

I think everyone may have this question. The nutritional value of honey is already high. So the nutritional value of royal jelly is higher. Where is it going? What is royal jelly? Why is the nutritional value better than honey? So much higher? Let's take a look at some differences between royal jelly and honey!

What is the difference between honey and royal jelly? Some people even think that " royal jelly" is a name in commercial propaganda. What is the difference between honey? The following wild grazing bees introduce the next one. Honey is usually a liquid or crystalline solid-liquid mixture with a sweeter taste and a pleasant aroma. It is made by collecting the hard work of nectar and bees.

Royal jelly is generally milky white. This fresh pure spring pulp is a flower-like, similar milk substance secreted by worker bee royal jelly. Its main function is to feed bee larvae and queen bees instead of nectar. To say that the difference between honey and royal jelly is to mention two flavors, just like the familiar fragrant nectar of the fragrance, the fragrant nectar of the fragrance, the sweet throat and the throat have their more prominent characteristics. The simple summary of these characteristics is Sweet. However, royal jelly is completely different from this experience, and many people who have tasted royal jelly for the first time find it difficult to accept its spicy sour taste. There may be a bit of ice cream in the mouth, but after a while, the taste buds are completely exposed to the royal jelly, the spicy taste is immediately activated, and the mouth bursts out, and the throat will feel some slight burning and swallowing stimulation.

Although the taste of royal jelly completely loses honey, its rich nutrients cannot be underestimated. Even the sacrifice is not worth mentioning. Royal Jelly contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and nature-specific royal jelly, which can nourish the blood, nourish the stomach, enhance the activity of the immune system, and also prolong the resistance. Cancer life has also won the title of "longevity factor".