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Brand story

Brand story


The birth of a bee is a gift of nature. It not only provides people with various bee products, but also can increase the yield of pollination of crops and provide sufficient food security for human life. Without bees, it means lack of pollination. Without pollination, there is no fruit, no seeds, no vegetation. So Einstein once said, "If the bees are extinct, then we will only live for another three years!"

The origin of the bee is an unresolved issue, and scientists can't ultimately convince each other. Although the controversy has not been resolved, people believe that the first bee was born in the Early Cretaceous Period of the North China Ancient Land 130 million years ago based on the current fossil and angiosperm origin theory. Therefore, the development history of bees is much deeper than that of human beings. If the whole bee kingdom is regarded as a modern human society, it is undoubtedly a very advanced social model.