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Changxing Bee Products Co.,Ltd Henan province was founded in 1986,our registered capital is RMB86,000, is located in the Bee Products Development Zone of Changge City, Henan Province. it is construction area is 28,000 square meters. It is a export oriented company combing purchasing, processing and scientific research. it is the managing director of china’s Bee Products Association and also to be appointed as  trusted exporter of beeswax,propolis and bee pollen in Chinese Bee Products Industry.

Company’s main catalogue series are  Beeswax, Propolis, Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly. There are more than 40kinds of product under four series. It has been approved by ISO9001,ISO14001,HACCP system certification. We promote advanced Beekeeping methods and to research non-pollution healthy bee products, After long time experience, we have successfully developed high-quality beeswax granule, lyophilized royal jelly powder and so on. All of our products are enjoying a best reputation and are Chinese well-known brands. In a meantime, our products have been exported to Germany, France, Italy, USA, South-Korea, Japan, Turkey and other more than 100countries and areas. Our annual export turnover for beeswax is 3000tons,Pollen is 1000tons,Propolis is 60tons.We enjoyed a good reputation in the international business and to be rated as the trustworthy enterprise. We have been commented as business credit trusted company every year and to be judged as the  beeswax export base in china. Now our company is leading under the general manager of Mr Li ManChang to survival in quality, regarding the credit as our basic principle, the customers are highly server and developing under scientific & technology. All Changxing staffs believe that we will enjoy a great future under the basis of mutually benefiting together with customers.